Bell MikroBurst


Tiny Particles for High Performance

Encapsulation technologies play a major role when it comes to advanced fragrance delivery systems. They do not only allow an above-average dosage of perfume oil, but also protect the valuable ingredients within until being activated.

Bell MikroBurst® comes in two product qualities and offers added value for laundry care and personal care products in terms of intensity, substantively and means of targeted release.

For an intense fragrance boost, Bell offers frangible capsules that release the fragrance upon pressure, e.g. when getting dressed. Additionally, Bell offers another product quality that focuses on a long-lasting fragrance impression. In this case, the particles are of a homogenous structure which makes them release the fragrance gradually for a long time. Another plus is, that they are completely free from plastics and formaldehydes and thus suitable for personal care as well.


  • Household care: fabric softener, laundry detergent, scent boosters
  • Personal care: creams and lotions, deodorant, hair care

Product Profile:

  • Highly concentrated aqueous dispersion
  • Particles of 1–20 µm
  • Either homogenous (formaldehyde-free) or frangible particle structure

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