Olfactive DNA

Fragrance is a powerful driver that reinforces the very essence of your brand, including brand promise and positioning. It has the potential to elevate the mood and emotions of your consumers on a daily basis, enhancing brand loyalty and product confidence. As your trusted partner, Bell’s Creative Team helps you translate your brand DNA into the optimal olfactive DNA, so that your fragrance fits seamlessly with your brand. We dedicate ourselves to maximizing the potential of your fragrance, which in turn enhances all the elements of your brand consumers will fall in love with.

Bell’s Creation, Sensory and Marketing teams understand how to communicate your brand’s value and impact in a fragrance. Our longstanding expertise gives us the credentials to capture all the elements of a winning fragrance, including the perception of moisturization, hydration, and luxury, and the ability to elicit feelings of happiness, relaxation and de-stress amongst consumers.

Our focus is on your customized brand needs:

Fit To Brand

Captures all key brand equity attributes: consumer target, brand image, colors, link to nature

Fit To Concept

Unique fragrance composition fits to imagery and marketing messaging platform. Ex: luxury vs sport

Fit To Emotion

Key olfactive signature notes elicit positive emotional responses in line with brand positioning

Fit To Performance

Key olfactive signature notes cue functional support to performance. Ex: Malodor Control

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