Functional taste solutions for sugar reduction

Sugar reduction is one of the central topics of the food and beverage industry, especially in Western Europe. Political restrictions, efforts by manufacturers to reduce the sugar content in their products, and consumers’ increasing health awareness are encouraging reformulations, leading to a rising demand for sugar-reduced products, especially within the beverages, dairy and ice cream segments. The reduction of sugar in food products represents a major challenge for manufacturers, as not only technical product properties within the production process are affected, but above all taste, mouthfeel and texture.

As a valuable partner with a high level of expertise in taste, Bell offers functional solutions to this problematic that not only positively influence the taste, mouthfeel and ultimately the texture of sugar-reduced products, but are also in line with consumers’ clean labelling expectations.

Growing market relevance of sugar reduction

According to market data almost 90% of global consumers pay attention to sugar, sweeteners or related claims when choosing food and drinks. Growing aspirations for healthy food choices and increasing concerns on sugar intake are driving the food and beverage industry to respond with reformulation of products or new developments based on less or low sugar. At the same time, governments have set up taxes on sugar-sweetened products, making reformulation inevitable in many Western European countries.

The industry is therefore facing challenges, as successful products need to be adapted using natural ingredients, less sugar and by substituting artificial sweeteners, with only slight compromises on taste being accepted by the consumer.

REDsugar by Bell

As sugar is an active ingredient, it not only acts responsible for the sweetness-perception, but also impacts other major sensory attributes within the products’ formulation. Bell´s REDsugar natural flavor range therefore helps to keep complex matrixes in applications, closing the “sugar gap” and helping to maintain mouthfeel, taste and texture, while delivering a positive impact on the sweet perception of a product. As a result, the sugar content can be decreased by at least 30%, depending on the application.

We understand that every application requires different approaches in keeping the taste and the product appeal when reducing sugar. We therefore applied our flavor house expertise in developing tailormade flavor solutions that can be individually adapted to your specific needs, delivering intense, high-quality and satisfying product properties.

REDsugar provides functional solutions to reformulate food and beverage products with regard to meeting naturalness, indulgence and sensory attributes to ensure today’s consumer needs to be met:

Natural flavor

Bell’s REDsugar product line comprises natural flavor molecules, delivering a positive impact on the sweet perception in beverages, dairy applications, ice cream and bakery.


REDsugar flavors comprise compositions of complex molecules delivering a positive impact on taste, texture and mouthfeel while especially the sweet perception of the final products is highlighted.

Sugar reduction

The sweet enhancing profile of Bell`s REDsugar solutions can help to achieve at least 30% of sugar reduction in certain applications.

Clean label 

Natural flavoring declaration assuring to be compliant with todays’ consumer expectations and clean label restrictions.

Functional solutions

Functional solutions for reformulating food and beverage products to meet the political frameworks in Western European countries.


All products are designed to fulfil high-quality industry standards.

Technical solutions for various product categories

Our taste solutions have been successfully tested in a variety of segments and applications that are among the most affected categories for sugar reduction efforts. We offer functional taste solutions for:

  • Soft Drinks
  • Near Water & Flavored Water
  • Dairy Products, i.e. Yogurt
  • Ice Cream
  • Bakery Products

Our team of application technologists, sensory specialists and flavor experts will support you in reformulation, creating superior products that are in-line with consumer needs and regulatory restrictions. Get in touch with us and let us help you to master the challenges of sugar reduction.


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