Clean Label Flavor Solutions.

It has been over a century since umami was discovered in Japan, but it is now more than ever attracting global attention, primarily driven by food manufacturers with a strong interest in full and intense tastes.
With the consumersꞌ aspiration to remain healthy and active, the market is growing with new opportunities for product development – making it increasingly important to create natural, clean label and healthy products without compromising on taste. Umami therefore has become an increasingly important tool for balancing food products and foodservice dishes.

By unifying our creative expertise in savory solutions with the scientific understanding of umami, Bell was able to develop a range of natural umami flavors that is especially designed for the use in clean label food products to work as a natural alternative to MSG or other taste enhancers and will help new product developments to face the challenges of today´s food business.

Bell´s natural umami flavors not only provide a savory taste, a rounded mouthfeel and impart a full-bodied perception of taste, they are also applicable for a wide range of savory products, like soups, sauces, ready meals, meat products, snacks or seasonings.



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