Great Fragrance on the Go

In fine fragrances, liquid perfumes dominate in the market, but alternative formats and textures give room to grow and offer differentiation. People look for innovations – especially for on the go. Portable rollerballs, easy-use cushions and solid sticks are trending.

Scent2Last is an intensive perfume cream tapping into this demand for new solid formats. The non-sticky cream can be applied precisely onto the skin and holds just as much perfume oil as otherwise only classic fine perfumes. Over this, the fragrance profile remains more constant over time due to its encapsulated fragrances.

As the cream is good to dose, Scent2Last is ideal for refreshment and may act as portable replacement for a classic liquid fine perfume. The smaller format might also encourage to experiment with new scents.


  • solid perfume cream

Product Profile:

  • water-based emulsion
  • cream like texture
  • highly loaded fragrance particles

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