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Flavor and Fragrance Experts

Our worldwide team draws from decades of experience to bring you the best products, services and experiences. At Bell, everyone is a family member. We have centered our business focus around our employees and customers to always ensure they are treated with the respect that every family member deserves.

How We Operate

Through our global network, we provide the flexibility necessary to act service-oriented and cost-effective and to assist our customers with logistics, quality control, and packaging. Short communication channels, direct contact, and high reliability are our top priorities.

Bell’s mission is to create the highest quality products within the cost parameters dictated by its customers and to service these customers and their requirements to their total satisfaction. We believe that Bell’s mission can only be achieved through the contributions of all personnel and departments within the company. Our Core Values dictate how we operate our business. We believe that:

  1. Integrity within our stakeholder group, with our customers, suppliers, and employees, is key to our long-term success.
  2. Our commitment to excellence within Bell Flavors & Fragrances is a reflection of a family value that all shareholders and owner-managers must reflect.
  3. Building trust-based relationships with each other, our suppliers, our customers, and employees is essential.
  4. The trust we build with each other and this business must be reflected in all we and our employees do.

These values are reflected in our work ethic, products, and stakeholder relationships and we hope that throughout this report you will see how we embody these four Core Values in everything we do.

A Formula For Success

Flavors: quality and innovative flavors for application in beverages, bakery, confections, dairy, savory, pet/animal care, and oral care. Bell offers flavors in liquid, powder, spray dry, and paste forms, and our technology capabilities include flavor enhancers and modifiers, masking agents, bitterness suppressors, heating and cooling agents, salt reducers, and replacers/extenders for vanilla, cocoa, honey, and sweeteners.

Fragrances: unique, innovative fragrance creations, oil or water soluble, encapsulates, and dry blends for personal, air, pet, household and fabric care products.

Botanical Extracts: Belltanicals® offers botanical extracts, botanical infusions, all-natural essential oil blends, certified organic extracts, and NOP-certified organic essential oil blends for personal care and food grade products.

Ingredient Specialties: commercial quantities of raw materials for flavors and fragrances including natural chemicals, aroma specialties, aroma chemicals, and citrus concentrates.


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