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Excellent service is the process by which Bell delivers its products or services that allows the customer to access them in the most efficient, fair, cost effective and pleasurable manner possible.

Bell is constantly looking for better ways to serve customers’ demands. For further information please have a look at our support services and do not hesitate to contact us.



Bell Flavors & Fragrances – Your competitive advantage

Bell’s Marketing Team offers global knowledge about FMCG markets, products, flavor and fragrance trends as well as knowledge about consumer behavior and lifestyle trends worldwide due to our global database and information pool.

Tasks & Responsibilities

International Market Research and Trend Presentations

We build a picture of general trends using our global network, several databases from commercial suppliers, the internet, technical press, media, trade shows, supermar-kets and government statistics. With facts about market size, volume, structure, saturation, leader and growth we are able to develop products that are up to date and meet todays trends.

Product presentations

As additional information to our customized flavor and fragrance presentations we offer facts about products, new and future developments, packaging and price, ingredients and other specific additives.

Organization of Trade Shows

Bell’s Marketing organizes and realizes international exhibition and congress attendance, e.g. Food Ingredients Europe, Ingredients Russia, Food Industry Minsk, In-Cosmetics, BeautyWorld Middle East and the World Perfumery Congress.

At these trade shows Bell provides technical support, information, new trends and personal contact with our company. Please visit us!

Organization of Workshops and Seminars

Bell offers seminars and workshops which are mostly tailor-made for customers´ interest. Examples include: Flavor Workshops, Fragrance Workshops and Product Workshops (depending on customer wishes). Here we give customers the opportunity to have a look “behind the scenes” and to experience our daily work.

Analyze Market Samples and Bell Products

For product evaluation Bell’s Marketing Department analyses finished market products in different segments regarding pricing, packaging, positioning and distribution. With this information Bell is able to develop new concepts that meet current market trends.

Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs department at Bell ensures that all products and raw materials fulfil the applicable judicial regulations, recommendations of industrial associations and specific customer needs. Close cooperation with different industry and government associations insure a timely implementation of all requirements set by European and National authorities.

These requirements include:

  • the examination of perfume oils and botanical extracts according to valid cosmetic legislations, recommendations of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and other safety aspects
  • the examination of flavors and flavor extracts according to European regulations on foodstuffs and IOFI specifications (International Organization of the Flavor Industry)
  • the examination of flavors and ingredient specialties for Kosher and HALAL suitability
  • REACH – stands for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals. This new EU regulation centralizes and simplifies chemicals legislation throughout Europe and entered into force on 1st of June 2007. The declared aim is to improve the level of knowledge about the dangers and risks that chemicals may pose. Companies are expected to assume even more responsibility for the safe handling of their products. The Federal Authorities here offer a wide range of information about REACH so that small and medium-sized companies can also quickly become familiar with the new
Application Technology

The research and development department at Bell is also characterized by excellent application technology. Whether for products incorporating a flavor or fragrance system – Bell’s technicians can advise on a variety of applications. Application specialists also test our flavor and fragrance systems for stability and shelf life in various consumer products.

The major task consists of developing new application concepts for our customers.

Analytics/Quality Management

The Analytic Department at Bell is provided with modern instrumental equipment (GC, GC-MS) as well as an extensive know-how in evaluation of essential oils, flavors, perfume compositions and ingredient specialties. We implemented new analytical techniques that has been developed and tested in a close collaboration with university research institutes and equipment manufacturers.

Quality Management

The product security and product quality have top priority. An extensive quality control- and risk management system guarantees that raw materials of the highest quality will be used in our final products.

Since 1995, Bell has been certified with ISO 9001. In 2004, Bell installed the HACCP System, which is part of our ISO auditing as well.

The standard for food safety, the FSSC 22000, is confirmed since 2011 and approved by the GFSI.

Additionally in 2013, Bell got certified the feed safety standard, the FAMI-QS.

See certifications here

Customer Service

Bell offers excellent service through its customer service team. They not only accept and action orders but provide information and assistance in several languages. Bell’s customer service team accompanies you before, during and after your purchase. If you are having difficulties finding answers to your questions or need more information, our customer service representatives are available to help.

Bell offers you assistance concerning the following issues:

  • information about order status
  • tracking of deliveries
  • technical support
  • custom issues