Bell MikroFilm®


Versatile Compound for Innovative Ideas

Consumers are constantly curious for innovative formats. This applies to personal hygiene as well as washing routines.

Bell MikroFilm® is a solid encapsulation format perfectly suited for different applications. It holds numerous benefits for manufacturers in terms of flexibility. For instance, the thin film can get combined with various carrier materials, such as paper, cloth or plastics. Hence, it allows manufacturers to produce different tailor-made formats, reaching from dryer sheets to rim blocks and others.

Last but not least, manufacturers can choose from a wide range of directions not just in terms of fragrances. The fragrance load can also be adjusted exactly to the respective needs. At the end of the day, Bell MikroFilm® represents a versatile format protecting the fragrance while manufacturing and storage and releasing it in a targeted way.


  • household care: air fresheners, dryer sheets, rim blocks
  • personal care: soap

Product Profile:

  • solid encapsulation in film format

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