Bell Laundry Pearls


Smooth and Bright for Infinite Fragrance

Personalization and the avoidance of multifunctional products are rising trends in mature laundry care markets. Therefore, scent boosters play an increasing role when it comes to consumers’ choice of laundry care products.

Bell Laundry Pearls represent a highly effective laundry perfume in a finished product. The spherical pearls come in bright colors and are added directly into the drum especially for their scent boosting effect. As the patented chips are water-dispersible and designed to dissolve during a washing cycle, the consumer is met with a strong scent upon opening the machine.

Thus, the convenient format complements the consumer’s laundry care routine with a product designed exclusively for intense fragrance. Manufacturers on the other hand find an attractive line extension in this easy-to-use laundry perfume.

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Bell Laundry Pearls


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