Culinary Solutions

Culinary Solutions

Get in touch with taste. Developing authentic, indulgent consumer products is based on balancing the art of flavor creation and culinary perfection.

Bell has a state-of-the-art Culinary Center where our team of foodies demonstrate their passion for product development. Combining the knowledge of our culinary teams around the globe, our division consists of classically trained chefs and food scientists that work tirelessly to create new and on-trend flavors and food products. We drive innovation in flavors by seeking out the latest in food trends, market dynamics and consumer desires through targeted research, and we then translate those into concepts for our customers. Our process expedites our partners’ speed to market, which enables them to capture early market share.

“We aim to be ahead of industry challenges and consumer insights, anticipate major trends at an early stage and deliver great taste experiences as well as functional solutions for our customers, enabling them to create successful and winning consumer products.”

Oliver Saalmann, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Culinary Solutions For Winning Consumer Products

  • Culinary taste creation and applicational expertise for creating authentic market products and increasing consumer acceptance
  • Understanding taste preferences and portfolio needs based on a deep sensory mindset
  • Product ideation and innovation sessions with a strong focus on consumer insights and market trends
  • Applying flavor solutions for taste modulation (e.g. sugar reduction, salt reduction, masking, umami & mouthfeel)
  • Providing clean label solutions and helping with regulatory restrictions
  • Recipe formulation and re-formulation, industrial scale-up

Our team can help you with culinary solutions for the following segments and applications:

  • Sauces, dressings & condiments
  • Soups & bouillons
  • Ready meals
  • Processed meat & fish products
  • Plant-based meat- & fish-substitutes
  • Snacks & seasonings

Bell’s Global Culinary Team

We are not only striving to meet regional taste preferences and customer needs, our Global Culinary Team is supporting product ideation and creation at an early stage, underlining our commitment and mission to think global and act local.

Identifying market drivers, consumer trends and upcoming taste varieties and transferring them into new product creations on a global scale is part of our DNA. Together, we share the passion for taste and the crave for new, inspiring food innovations. With the use of modern processing and cooking equipment we are able to reproduce any products scale-up and prepare for a successful launch.