Bell’s Analytical Services group provides direction to our internal teams and customers. With more than 50 years industry experience, our analytical team’s technical support is an integral part of the flavor creation process. Believing in a transparent analytical process, our department works closely with you to assist in any analytical challenges you might have in the development of your product. Our support continues long after your product goes to market. We view you as a customer for life, and are willing to provide technical support, at any point in your product development process.

Analytical Services

Analytical Services at Bell is equipped with modern instrumentation (GC-MS, GC-FID, HPLC) as well as technical expertise in the evaluation of essential oils, flavors, perfume compositions and ingredient specialties. We implemented new analytical techniques that has been developed and tested in a close collaboration with university research institutes and equipment manufacturers.

Quality Management

Product safety and high quality are of the utmost priority in all our development and manufacturing processes. Our extensive quality control-, food safety- and risk management system guarantees compliance to all relevant regulations and customer expectations and ensures raw materials of the highest quality to be used in our final products. Bell therefore comprises a strong and independent quality control and a regulatory affairs department.

Our European Quality Management System is based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 and integrates further systems such as HACCP, FSSC 22000, FAMI-QS (feed safety standards), organic, kosher and halal.

Capabilities & Equipment

  • Gas chromatographs/mass spectrometers (GC-MS) with flame Ionization detectors (FID)
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) with UV-VIS

Sampling techniques include…

  • Static/dynamic headspace
  • Direct thermal desorption
  • Solid phase microextraction (SPME)
  • Stir bar sorbtive extraction (SBSE)

The Difference

Collaborative & Shared Analytical

We openly share our methodologies involving the analysis of our material; this transparent communication is second nature to us. We constantly receive feedback from our customers saying how responsive and customer driven we are with service. It doesn’t matter what you ask us, no project is too big or too small. We challenge you to challenge us.


Experts at duplicating flavors when you might need a secondary supplier or run into a supply issue, our flavor creation team can match your specs with the help of our analytical teams. Our collaborative sensory approach enables us to be aligned on all levels by sharing our protocols and results with you to ensure you’ve met your match.

We’re All Connected

Networking with Bell flavorists, chefs, sensory and analytical team globally enables successful collaboration and sharing of techniques to develop new flavors.

Speed and Turnaround

We understand that speed to market is critical. While we take a project specific approach our tested processes allow for rapid and accurate responses to your analytical needs. Our international team of experts allows for fast and country-specific profiling of taste and aromas.