2022 Spark Flavor Explorations

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Introduces 2022 Spark Flavor Explorations
This year’s Spark trends find us traveling around the globe to find authentic and unique flavors from Eastern Europe to the colorful and inspiring recipes of Latin America & Malaysia. We see consumers diving to the deepest parts of the ocean and discovering the bounty of culinary surprises that the sea has to offer and exploring the wonders of nature in their own backyards and rediscovering local ingredients and heritage recipes that are the foundation of our culinary existence.

2022 Spark Flavor Explorations Start with the Larger Macro & Micro Trends
The Spark trends platform not only looks at the current day, but takes a longer term view identifying key consumer macro trends that will serve as a foundation for today and into the future. These macro trends were collectively identified by Bell’s global marketing teams and represent the core behavioral values present in all humans combined with the technology innovations and market dynamics that are shaping what the future of flavors, fragrances and ingredients will look like next year and beyond.

“Bell’s Spark trends platform not only identifies what’s up and coming for next year in the form of flavor and fragrance trends, but takes a long term view by identifying what’s at the root of these short lived fads and why we maintain the same macro and micro trends across both the flavor and fragrance industries as a collective whole and not simply by category or segment.” Kelli Heinz, VP of Marketing & Industry Affairs.

Aligned with actual physical travel we all yearn for, we are also embarking on a journey into the Metaverse, where technology and lifestyle are becoming intermingled and the ways that we communicate, interact and consume products are sometimes only in the “virtual world” around us. As Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Zoom, Netflix and other platforms continue to dominate how we discover new food, beverage and product trends it slowly continues to evolve the ways we interact with and ultimately consume these products. Whether sharing a holiday meal over Zoom, hosting a virtual wine tasting or having an authentic meal from every continent delivered to your home each week, technology helps us stay connected, travel the globe and taste the world around us from the comforts of our own homes.

In contrast to this inner explorer we all possess, consumers are also yearning to stay home and continue to focus on their own health, safety and find an acceptable balance between work and life. The great resignation of 2021 has led millions of Americans to quit their jobs and rethink what is important to them. They are looking for better control of their lives in the form of the foods they eat, the impact they are having on the planet and their overall wellness of mind, body and soul. Whether it is choosing plant based alternatives, better-for-you products from the sea or finding comfort in rediscovering lost recipes, ingredients and traditions, there is a clear consumer movement in wanting to rediscover the foundational flavors that were defined by our childhood and our ethnic backgrounds and dictated by the regions we live and ultimately the place we call home.

“As we embark on another year of Spark trends we have set our sights on both the global world around us that has seemed so far away in recent years and the home that we have all become so accustomed to and in some cases trapped in over the past 24 months. As consumers continue to be limited in their travel options again due to the COVID-19 virus, our 2022 Spark trends take us from one part of the world to another as the inner explorer in all of us yearns for a return to the freedom of travel.” David Banks, Director of Marketing

With these consumer trends in mind Bell’s 2022 flavor explorations take us from one part of the world to another and into our own backyards. They take us under the oceans and into the coastal cuisines that have shaped many of our palettes. Finally, they take us back to our roots as we rediscover our culinary heritage. Bell’s 2022 Spark Flavor Explorations include:

This regional cuisine combines classic European flavors with Western Asian dishes creating a diverse cuisine filled with strong spicy foods, pickled vegetables and roasted meats.

Breakthrough Flavors
Ajvar, Aleppo Pepper, Fenugreek Leaf, Mahaleb, Urfa Biber Pepper


A dazzling array of diverse and interchangeable flavors spanning 22 countries that captures the true spirit of Latin highlands in the uniqueness that a specific Latin region brings to a familiar, time-honored recipe that could have the same name but taste completely unique due to its local flair.

Breakthrough Flavors
Acerola, Achiote, Cobanero Chili, Capuacu, Merken Chili


This diverse Asian Malay street food culture draws from the influential neighboring countries of Indonesia, China and India to bring together rich cultures and flavors showcased in hawker centers, night markets, and coffee shops called kopitiams across Malaysia.

Breakthrough Flavors
Calamansi, Durian, Galangal, Laksa, Makrut Lime


For centuries, coastal communities have included nutritious, delicate and flavorful gifts from the sea and land to develop new culinary paths. Ingredients like sea plants, kelps, coastal fruits/vegetables and unique cooking and fermentation methods have been discovered to create a burst of umami and deep flavor notes in their cuisines.

Breakthrough Flavors
Dashi, Furikake, Salmonberry, Sea Rosemary, Thimbleberry


Indigenous flavors, local folklore and timeless family recipes are bringing consumers back to their roots. Combined with the drive to buy local many Americans are refocusing on themselves and their families, seeking all-natural ingredients with local provenance and rediscovering the cuisines and flavors that created the culinary melting pot we enjoy today.

Breakthrough Flavors
Choke Berry, Kiwi Berry, Neroli, Paw Paw, Sumac