Bell Releases 2024 Trend Predictions Via Spark – Ignites Creativity, Inspires Senses® Platform

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Releases 2024 Trend Predictions Via Spark – Ignites Creativity, Inspires Senses® Platform


Bell’s Annual Trends Program Spotlights Consumer Behaviors & Trends Seen Across the Globe

NORTHBROOK, Illinois – January 17, 2024 – Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (Bell) debuts its 2024 global trend inspirations via the Spark–Ignites Creativity, Inspires Senses® platform. Since its inception in 2015, Bell’s Spark Trends platform is the essence of creativity and the future of influential trends in the flavor and fragrance industries, providing a unique, one-stop guide to what’s next in today’s ever-evolving consumer landscape.

Kelli Heinz, Vice President of Marketing & Industry Affairs, states, “This year, Bell’s Macro Trends continue to shine, reflecting deep-seated behaviors and trends impacting consumers, customers and the broader industry today and in the future. Collectively identified by Bell’s Global Marketing teams, they represent core behavioral and emotional values shared by all humans, which are applied to various regions and across all product categories. As we move into 2024, these boundless trends hold steadfast.”

“Refreshed in 2024 based on current shifts in consumer behaviors and popular culture, Bell’s Micro Trends represent fads shaping consumer experiences. The Micro Trend ‘Globetrotter’ is inspired by taste explorations from the Amalfi coast of Italy to villages of Japan and regional Chinese provinces like Sichuan (Szechuan), Hunan and Guizhou, all of which offer unique blends of spicy, sweet, sour and savory flavors. Consumers seek unique fusions, bizarre collaborations and multi-sensory experiences. And while they love to indulge and experience the unfamiliar, they crave food authenticity, label transparency, ethical solutions and more functional, clean label products in the everyday,” states David Banks, Senior Director of Marketing.

Explore Bell’s 2024 Macro and Micro Trends:


Consumers crave ways to engage their senses in new and unexpected ways, and the evolution of technologies makes it possible via ‘phygital’ formats – the fusion of physical and digital experiences.

The 2024 Horizons Micro Trends are:

CREATIVE FUSIONS: Fusing Unexpected Flavors and Fragrances to Unlock New Experiences
The quest for novel and unforgettable experiences has reshaped industries, and the blend of unexpected flavors and scents is forging a path toward unparalleled fusion adventures.

SENSORIAL SPARKS: Redefining the Boundaries of Sensory Perception
Consumers seek immersive experiences and products that redefine the boundaries of sensory perception. The future holds a world of exciting sensory delights where every bite and every scent tells a unique and personalized story.

GLOBETROTTER: Expanding Culinary Horizons and Unveiling New Senses Through Global Exploration
With the rise of technology, globalization, and a renewed emphasis on the importance of staying connected, consumers can embark on a journey of culinary and fragrance exploration via the comfort of their homes or physical travel.



This trend looks at the new dawn of ‘green’ innovation to safeguard the future of the planet, without sacrificing the familiar scents and taste sensations consumers continue to crave.

The 2024 Nature R*Evolution Micro Trends are:

PLANT INFUSIONS: Creating Sensory Experiences with the Power of Herbs and Botanicals
As part of a current (r)evolution, nature’s variety of herbs, botanicals, and plant extracts pair with advanced technologies to create sensorial experiences in flavors and fragrances.

CLEAN LABEL: Building Trust with Transparent Ingredient Information and Positive Global Impact
Brands are pressed to replace harmful ingredients and manufacturing methods with sustainable alternatives, all the while reducing carbon emissions in search of not just carbon neutrality, but climate positivity.

ENVIRONMENTAL TECH: Preserving Natural Resources and Securing Supply Chains with Science 
Sustainable technology holds the key to enhancing the flavors, smells, and appeal of natural ingredients and finished products. Environmental technologies help to future-proof supply chains and ensure food security on a global level.



This trend explores a fresh approach to the best version of ‘you’ as consumers demand personalization, natural solutions and an inward focus.

The 2024 A Better Me Micro Trends are:

Consumers have taken on a new approach to life, refocusing, reprioritizing and revitalizing their routines. Products and experiences must align with evolving lifestyles that emphasize balance, consistency and simplicity, all with health and wellness seamlessly integrated.

FUNCTIONAL: Elevating the Everyday with Added Benefits
Individuals look beyond the basics of nutrition, hydration and hygiene, seeking added benefits from functional ingredients that support a holistic approach to their health and well-being.

CUSTOMIZED WELL-BEING: Let’s Get Personal with Health and Wellness
Out with the one-size-fits-all approach and in with customization. Consumers embrace a ‘taking health into my own hands’ approach, demanding solutions that speak to holistic wellness and their ‘healthspan.’



Don’t delay rewards! Consumers are embracing indulgences, ‘newstalgia’ and flavors
and fragrances that spark instant joy – unapologetically.

The 360º Rewards Micro Trends for 2024 are:

FUTURE NOSTALGIA: A Forward Twist on Familiar Classics
Nostalgia has always held a powerful sway over our emotions and choices, transporting us back to simpler times and cherished memories. Future nostalgia emerges to enliven consumer interests by bringing back familiar classics with a new twist.

INTENTIONAL INDULGENCE: Saying ‘YES’ to Premium Finds and Small Splurges
Consumers are counteracting years of giving up simple pleasures and saying “no”, to now saying “yes” to premium finds and small splurges of the flavors that bring the most joy. 

MADE FOR ME: Elevation of Personalization
In an era defined by individualism and the desire for unique experiences, personalization has become a driving force in various industries. Crafting one’s personal brand within these markets is not only possible but increasingly essential.



Consumers remain keenly aware of human connections across the globe,
championing diverse heritage, authentic values and sustainable products.

The 2024 Tree of Life Micro Trends are:

NATURALLY SUSTAINABLE: Cultivating Novel Ways to Sustain our Environment
The food, beverage, and fragrance industries are proactively adopting naturally sustainable practices to future-proof their businesses to meet current consumer trends, secure their long-term success and drive sustainability initiatives.

COOLTURA: Mindfully Embracing Human Cultural Connections
This trend entails crafting authentic products that celebrate the rich diversity of global cultures, from traditional recipes in the food sector to culturally inspired beverages and fragrances.

HYPER LOCAL: Rediscovering Local Roots and Authentic Experiences
Hyperlocal emphasizes the sourcing and consumption of products from extremely local sources, fostering a stronger connection between consumers and their immediate communities.

“It’s exciting to be part of an industry that embraces these fast-moving trends, weaving them into communication strategies all the way to product innovation and everything in between,” notes David Banks, Senior Director of Marketing.

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