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Explore the basics.

Explore the basics ®

Our Ingredient Specialties division enriches our portfolio with products which are mainly used in the ingredient supply industry for food and beverages, personal and household care. With essential oils, aroma chemicals as well as natural citrus derivatives, we offer an extensive repertoire of raw material specialties for the flavor and fragrance industry. Our expertise is characterized by process reliability, high levels of purity, analytics and sensory technology based on the highest quality standards. As a trusted partner, we also offer a comprehensive catalogue of REACH compliant raw materials.

Through our global network, we provide the flexibility necessary to act service-oriented and cost-effective, and to assist our customers with logistics, quality control and packaging. Short communication channels, direct contact and high reliability are our top priorities.


We set a strong focus on raw materials that are compliant to food-legislation and thus, can be applied to a wide variety of ingredients within the food and beverage industry. Our extensive portfolio significantly contributes to secure characteristic sensory profiles within flavor components for beverages, confectionery and bakery products, dairy products or seasonings

  • Carboxylic Acid Esters
  • Esters of 2-Methylbutyric
  • Citrus Derivatives
  • Butter Specialities

Tobacco, Oral Care & Medical Devices

In order to sensory enrich flavor components in applications such as tobacco products, oral care products or medical devices, we offer an extensive repertoire of products that meet the specific requirements of these categories and at the same time provide a rounded sensory characteristic. A particular field of expertise for Bell is the creation of citric, fresh notes as well as fruity profiles.

*Please note that no tobacco flavors are manufactured or sold in Canada.

  • Citrus Derivatives
  • Carboxylic Acid Esters


Bell offers a broad portfolio of products for final application in household care, personal care and fine fragrances. Hence, we deliver a wide range of fragrances for various product creations. With our range of products, we help to meet sophisticated consumer requirements and ever-rising quality standards of modern perfumery.

  • Carboxylic Acid Esters
  • Rootanol Derivatives
  • Schiff’s Bases
  • Citrus Derivatives
  • Extract Specialities

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