Bell’s Fragrance Performance platform comprises highly intricate olfactive raw material studies for optimal fragrance design and performance of materials at all key consumer moments. Additionally, our delivery systems help control the release of fragrance, while our extender and replacer capabilities provide solutions for materials that may be difficult to source and/or are endangered.


Customized Raw Material Studies

Raw material testing addresses a broad range of relevant fragrance design and product performance challenges. It is critical to ensure that consumers experience the brand, concept, performance and emotional cues where they want them and when they want them.

In-depth understanding of the performance of materials, such as diffusion out of the bottle, fragrance bloom out of water, substantivity and deposition of fragrance on a substrate like skin, hair, fabric and hard surfaces.

These studies also aid in our understanding of the not-so-sexy requirements of ensuring the stability of the fragrance in difficult bases, during transit, in storage, at home and in-use with consumers.


Extenders and Replacers

Bell’s creative teams are highly skilled at delivering winning solutions by utilizing a portion of endangered or difficult-to-source materials, and masterfully combining them with ingredients that can mirror these materials in complexity and performance. This technology platform is ideal for fragrances that may include ingredients with:

–      Endangered materials
–      Crop variations or extinction
–      Unsustainable sourcing
–      Reformulations due to regulatory changes or cost change


Delivery Systems

Consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality products in their everyday life. Bell’s high-performance fragrance delivery systems are key to providing support and benefits for many applications.


Encapsulation and spray dry technologies that immobilize a fragrance in a polymer matrix for release through friction, guaranteeing durability and permanence. This technology generates a sensorial experience whereby the fragrance is released during product use, delivering a fresh and clean feeling,  controlling malodor, and reinforcing the perception of quality and product differentiation.


Finished product designed for modern air care products for both the home and professional settings. This is an ideal consumer option that allows for experimentation with different scents. Product advantages include a high level of actives, non-oiling quality, and no spillage.

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Bell Laundry Pearls

Our Laundry Pearls represent a highly effective laundry perfume in a finished product. This convenient format can be added directly into the washing machine drum, and is designed to dissolve during the washing cycle, releasing a strong scent when the machine is opened. Laundry Pearls have great performance, are residue-free and free of plastics, and are compatible with common temperatures.

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An intensive perfume cream that meets the demand for an on-the-go, solid format in a market where liquid perfumes dominate. The cream holds just as much perfume oil as a classic fine fragrance, maintains the fragrance profile longer over time, and is ideal for refreshment. The product leaves no residue on skin or clothes, and can accommodate a broad range of fragrances. Intense perfume cream offers a unique alternative to personal fragrance refreshment.


Comes in two product qualities and offers added value for laundry and personal care with regard to intensity, substantivity, and targeted release. Frangible capsules release fragrance upon pressure (i.e. getting dressed), and homogenous particles release fragrance gradually for an extended period of time. Other product advantages include protection of valuable ingredients and minor interactions with other components.

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A solid encapsulation format perfectly suited to various applications due to its flexibility when combined with various materials such as paper, cloth, or plastic. Manufacturers can produce unique formats from dryer sheets to rim blocks. Fragrance load can be adjusted exactly to meet customer needs. Other product advantages include a high loading of actives, and encapsulation that protect the fragrance from oxidation.

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Scenti Master Batch / Pastilles

A fragrance compound designed exclusively for candles. It allows manufacturers to incorporate fragrances into their product easily and at dosages greater than five percent. This increases intensity while enhancing overall quality. Consumers benefit from a product that doesn’t lose oil or fragrance before being lit, yet still has great burning behavior and ideal storage properties.

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