Scent Up Your Life

Bell Perfumers

Perfumery is a molecular art form. Bell’s perfumers are part artists, part scientists who transform emotions, thoughts, feelings and ideas into irresistible fragrances. They are molecular designers who fuse the best of art and science to create fragrances that bring pleasurable emotions to everyday life. Craftsmanship and innovation lie at the heart of everything they do.

Bell’s team of fragrance artisans bring a wealth of experience, passion, inspiration and knowledge to their creations. Inspired by the richness of nature, our talented perfumers capture memories and emotions in scent. Their skill is rarefied: to make the intangible tangible. Their diverse cultural backgrounds inform and differentiate their creations, universally delighting consumers all over the world. From the sophisticated uniqueness of fine fragrance to the familiar scent of fresh laundry, our perfumers evoke positive emotions via fragrance every day. They are constantly experimenting and testing fragrances in search of the perfect composition that defines a brand, drives business and delights customers.

While fine fragrance is the best-known category in the fragrance industry, and certainly the most glamorous, most perfumers create scents for everyday products such as body wash, shampoo, hand soap, laundry detergent, candles and pet care that support the functional benefit of your products.

As industry-leading scientists, Bell perfumers have mastered the inherent challenges of working with a variety of applications. Each category we service has precise requirements, whether this means incorporating a technology to neutralize a difficult base or enhancing or releasing scents at specific moments of use. Our dedicated creative teams have the technical and innovative capabilities to optimize the performance and staying power of your fragrance, maximizing the value of your product, all while creating your brand’s olfactive personality and creating a compelling and memorable brand experience.