Flavor Modulation

Our flavor teams develop flavors that are used to modify basic tastes for food and beverage products. Flavor modifications we can control (enhance or block) include: sweet, sour, salt, fat, umami and bitter; and can be used in beverages, confections, savory, sauces, dressings and more.

Taste Enhancement at work

Go Natural

We have natural flavor enhancers that entirely replace all monosodium glutamate (MSG) in formulations, leaving the same natural taste in your products. This unique flavor is resistant to microwave destruction and is stable in the freeze/thaw cycle.

Umami Flavor

Our team has developed a line of umami flavor that does not use yeast that are designed to trigger key flavor profiles in a base and make them more robust without being dominating.

For more information on how our Bell EMEA team uses Umami, click here

Butter Derivatives

In 1985, Bell acquired Ritter Company, known for its manufacturing of butter derivatives (primarily butter acids and esters). This type of manufacturing uses a unique and sophisticated reaction process to isolate the butter acids and esters directly from the butter, and are sold to flavor manufacturers globally as ingredients in butter and cheese flavors.


Our Flavorists also specialize in mouthfeel enhancers for use in sugar reduction, beverages, low and no fat products, dairy as well as alternative proteins.

Reduxso Technology

Reduxso technology is a tool box of flavors that we use for many different applications with no significant change in taste, which addresses consumers’ growing need for healthier food options. Reduxso is available in liquid and powder form and is compliant with Natural, Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, FDA and USDA regulations.


Sweetech™ comprises a range of flavors that deliver a full, rounded sweetness profile similar to sucrose. Sweetech™ flavors provide numerous performance benefits to consumers and food manufacturers, and provide a compliment or alternative to nutritive and high intensity sweeteners. Flavors within the Sweetech™ range possess different taste or ingredient label attributes, and the appropriate Sweetech™ flavor can be selected by Bell technical staff based on customer, application, and label requirements. *Note: Not used in Canada, instead sweetness enhancers are used.

Bell's REDsugar

Bell’s REDsugar natural flavor range helps keep complex matrixes in applications, closing the ‘sugar gap’ and helping maintain mouthfeel, taste, and texture, while delivering a positive impact on the sweet perception of a product. REDsugar can reduce the sugar content by at least 30% depending on the application. *Note: Not used in Canada

To learn more about how our Bell EMEA team uses REDsugar, click here.

Cooling Agent Technology

Our cooling agent technology provides a robust and long-lasting cooling effect that is used in conjunction with Bell flavors, without impacting other flavors in the product. When released, cooling agents enhance flavors instantly and reveal a more intense and lasting cooling sensation. Some common applications for these cooling agents include chewing gum, hard candy, sports and alcoholic beverages.

Heating Agent Technology

In addition to cooling agents, our team can also add heating and tingle agents to your flavors.

Extenders and Replacers

Fragrance creations that provide unique solutions for materials that are difficult to source, endangered, have been banned or are experiencing an escalation in costs. 

Worldwide shortages caused by bad crops, market volatility, over-exportation, and other factors have increased costs and concerns over quality in many ingredients used in preferred products. In response, Bell has developed numerous extender and replacer flavors to be used as alternatives or in conjunction with these at-risk ingredients.

Endangered Materials

Raw Material Solutions


This is a food grade botanical extract that is used widely in food and beverage applications such as soups, cream cheeses, chocolates, and condiments, that allows customers to make natural claims in their products.

Smokeless Smoke

Our smoke flavors are compound flavors, where traditional smoke is made from collecting the essence of incomplete combustion of wood. As the global regulatory rules change with processed flavors, smoke processing has many health concerns. Bell has developed several smokeless smoke flavors to replace smoke without all the health & safety concerns.


Occurs in many natural products.  The government DEA tracks this ingredient very closely due to the use to manufacture controlled substances/illicit drugs.  Having a non-DEA heliotropine extenders relieves procurement & production issues.

Crop Variation



White/Black Pepper
Bell’s pepper flavors are 10x stronger than ground black or white pepper, and available in Natural or Natural & Artificial (N&A) flavors. This product can deliver cost reduction opportunities and help reduce product variability.

Olive Oil
Bell’s olive oil flavors are 10-100x stronger than extra virgin olive oil. Flavors range from fruity to buttery to grassy green and bitter, and provides great authentic flavor with cost reduction opportunities.

Bell’s tomato flavors function as an extender, replacing 10-40% of solids, and extends the natural tomato soluble solids (NTSS) in tomato paste by 31% in sauces or drum-dried tomato powder in seasonings.

Bell’s garlic flavors are 7-10x stronger than garlic powder, and provide for consistent cost and flavor profile. Applications include a garlic replacer in reduced-fat mayonnaise.

Bell’s onion flavors are 7-10x stronger than onion powder, and provide for consistent cost and flavor profile. Applications include onion enhancers in red wine salad dressing.

Bell’s egg flavors can help extend the flavor when the costs of eggs rise. The flavor is available allergen free and With Other Natural Flavors (WONF), and is ideal for non-functional egg flavor replacement in mayonnaise and salad dressings.


This technology is available as Pure, With Other Natural Flavors (WONF), (RNF for Canada) and Natural & Artificial (N&A) Flavors, and is designed to enhance and extend Madagascar, Tahitian, Mexican, and Indonesian vanillas.

Bell’s cocoa replacer flavors are designed to replace cocoa up to 50% in formulations and standardize flavor.

Bell’s maple extenders are available in oil and water-soluble forms, with flavors ranging from Grade A: golden color & delicate to Grade A: dark color & robust.

Bell’s honey extender flavors are available in profiles including orange blossom, clover, amber, and wildflower.


This technology is available in both lemon juice and lemon oil flavors, with a 1:1 replacement to 400 GPL juice concentrate and 1:1 replacement of lemon oil.

This technology provides a 1:1 replacement to 400 GPL juice concentrate.

This technology provides a 1:1 replacement to 65° Brix juice concentrate.

This technology provides a 1:1 replacement to 55-65° Brix juice concentrate.


This technology provides a 1:1 replacement to 50° Brix juice concentrate for cranberry and huckleberry, especially where huckleberry is in limited supply.


This technology provides a 1:1 replacement to 65° Brix juice concentrate.

Juice Replacers


Dry conditions in Wisconsin and Massachusetts have led to a shortfall of fresh cranberries, allowing New Jersey producers to demand a premium for this crop. Bell has developed an extender that works well in beverage and savory applications, providing an alternative to high prices.



This technology is available in both lemon juice and lemon oil flavors, with a 1:1 replacement to 400 GPL juice concentrate and 1:1 replacement of lemon oil. This provides both economic benefit and procurement solutions in the wake of scarce supply.



Pesticides present in raspberry juice from Eastern Europe has stopped this product from entering the U.S., causing a shortage. Bell’s raspberry juice extender offers a solution to reduce the rising cost, creating an exceptional product.

Delivery Systems

Vacuum Dry

This technology creates new flavors at lower temperatures while still delivering high quality taste (typically in savory applications).


Spray Dry – This heat stable encapsulation technology can be used in bakery, beverages, and seasoning flavors.

Freeze Dry – These clean, fresh flavors are water soluble with high flavor load options. They’re typically used products like tea bags, chewing gum, bakery products liquid and dry beverages

Tray Dry

This proven technology allows us to stay competitive in the market for duplication and provide customers with dry, right cost flavors (typically in savory applications).

Customized Control Release

Bell works with an external partner to develop these technologies, primarily used for chewing gum and lip balms.

  • Heat Release
  • Chemical Release
  • Physical Release
  • Time Release
  • Water Release
  • Shift Based

Application & Technology Specialty


  • Culinary Center – State of the art equipment to mimic your manufacturing environment. Also used for gold standard development and customer product cuttings
  • Dedicated savory facility
  • Menu development
  • Culinary Corporate Chefs – they have a creative and managerial role in the kitchen. This role represents the highest culinary achievement
  • Research Chef- formulates and tests new products, they analyze and experiment with food to make improvements so consumers enjoy their snack or meal


  • Specialized personnel including: Bakers, Ice Cream Experts and Confectioners
  • Confections
  • Panning
  • Baking
  • Dairy
  • Lip Balm—food grade fragrances to deliver sweet tasting flavors while protecting your lips



Skilled beverage technologist who can prepare and create unique bar beverages

Brew Masters

Skilled beverage scientist creating a flavor line to support the brewing process of malt beverages

Cloud Technology

This technology is used to create a cloudy appearance character to a finished beverage (such as beer-mixers or non-alcoholic beer) to deliver a natural appeal, and can be used in a variety of applications formulated for optimal use.

To learn more on how Bell EMEA uses Clouding Technology, click here.


A government regulated flavor line Certain alcohol businesses, including distilled spirits, beer and wine, must file an application with and receive approval from TTB before engaging in business.

Functional & Nutritional

Let Bell work with you and your team on beverage options packed with nutritional supplements and function to fit your targeted consumer.


A concentrated flavor line for shelf stable bar mixes

Specialty Drinks

We can develop flavors for tea’s, coffee and kombucha.

Energy drinks

Beverages made with energy functional ingredients, caffeine or guarana the use of masking flavors, or unique flavor pairings to deliver a great tasting beverage


Explore Other Flavor Technologies


Olfactive DNA

Naturals & Botanicals