Naturals & Botanicals

Bell’s Expertise in Natural Creation


With over 50 years specializing in naturals and organics Bell is your preferred partner. Our team has Masters of the Science and Art of Natural Perfumery and our facilities are regulatory compliant in verification and labeling. Natural products require a unique blend of palette diversity and team agility to bring to fruition. We want to be your guide, navigating you through regulations and ingredients to create the perfect blend.


Our naturals are hedonically pleasing with natural complexity. All are robust naturals with extremely high sourcing standards. Bell’s Proprietary Technologies in Naturals Creation include:

The evolution of Natural Creations has moved from simple to complex formulas utilizing minute, highly concentrated olfactive materials and enabling the use of natural fragrances and flavors across many product categories.

Handcrafted botanical blends are uniquely designed to meet customer needs and support the brand’s story. With over 10,000 unique botanical extracts available, the Belltanicals® Library offers custom blends to suit the needs of any application. Our Belltanicals® portfolio includes Marine, Floral, Fruits, Tea, Seeds, Vitamins, Asian Herbs, Gourmand, Classic, and Unique Botanicals.What we can offer you:

  • Certified genus and species
  • Customized client formulations: By closely following market and consumer trends, Bell has been able to constantly add new Botanicals to the repertoire and stay ahead of the client development curve with Botanical extracts that enhance your product’s performance, add consumer appeal, and in some cases become the very core of your brand’s identity.  
  • Flavor grade: Bell offers a range of food grade botanicals that although they may come from the garden, they are far from garden variety. Some of these Natural botanicals include Absinthe Flavor Extract, Coriander Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Nutmeg Extract, and Spearmint Extract to name a few.
  • Hemp, terpene & CBD strain specific flavors

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