Sustainable Please

Bell EMEA presents botanical extracts for environmentally friendly products.

Botanical extracts have long been an integral part of the portfolio of Bell Flavors and Fragrances EMEA. Now the company has developed a series of botanicals that focus on sustainability.

The result is this range of extracts from cocoa shells, coffee cherry husk, chamomile and dyer’s woad.

Throughout the entire process, the company’s experts have focused on the most environmentally friendly, resource-efficient production possible without compromising on quality. The newly developed extracts are particularly suitable ingredients for products aimed at the growing number of consumers who want to shop and live more sustainably.

“Our customers’ enquiries show an increased demand for extracts that are produced in an environmentally friendly way. This is no longer just about the organic quality of the raw materials used. Our approach is much more holistic. It involves considerably more factors in the overall process, from packaging and storage to extraction and composting of the plants used.”

Dr. Torsten Blitzke, Manager Botanical Extracts, Bell EMEA


Download Press Release (pdf) – English
Download Press Release (pdf)  – German