BBQ Sauces

Inspiring product ideas based on global consumer and market trends.

The past months have put consumers and industry to a tough test. All the more consumers are longing for a return to normality and thus for an increased focus on taste and product diversity. Although the start of the BBQ season was a bit bumpy this year, it is the small measure of normality that connects industry and consumers to bring back the pleasure and joy of good food. Without any doubt, BBQ sauces represent an indispensable classic in this respect.


Consumer Insights: What trends and expectations define a good BBQ sauce?

Consumers are looking for multi-sensory taste experiences. They are demanding exciting and versatile product innovations based on extraordinary combinations of ingredients from around the world. Due to their increasing health awareness, younger generations in particular are paying closer attention to natural ingredients. They are equally focusing on the origin and manufacture of products. At the same time, popularity for plant-based and organic BBQ sauces is rising.

When formulating BBQ sauces, unique and innovative flavors based on high quality and natural ingredients can contribute to attract new consumer target groups and thus boost retail sales on a global scale.


Innovative and aromatic taste varieties for BBQ sauces

Our invigorating product concepts are based on traditional American BBQ sauce recipes. With appealing smoke profiles and the use of various spices, we are meeting the market requirements in Western Europe, while focusing on current market and consumer trends such as the willingness to experiment.

Whether you are looking for exotic and fruity creations, intense smoky profiles or sweet-chocolate notes with a hint of chili – Bell’s extraordinary flavor profiles can turn BBQ sauce into a unique taste experience. Thus, satisfying the consumer’s need for exciting and authentic product varieties. Our intense and complex flavor profiles are characterized by consistent quality and are also free of added flavor-enhancing ingredients. The use of natural flavors and extracts enables clean labelling. We are offering tailor-made flavor solutions that help to refine and expand your product portfolio.

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Culinary perfection meets flavor expertise: Bell’s Culinary Solutions

Bell’s Global Culinary Team consists of classically trained chefs and food scientists that work tirelessly to create new and on-trend flavors and applications. Naturalness and authenticity are key in this process. Based on tailor-made flavor profiles and our passion in culinary perfection, we can support you in developing successful market products.

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Innovative flavor creations for BBQ sauces.

One of the finest things about traditional cooking is the scent of something grilled upon open flames, with BBQ sauce being the staple accompaniment for this classic cooking technique. The diversity of this focus topic continues with classic flavors thus far extending it to exciting, authentic and unusual varieties that are increasingly appealing to consumers.

“By creating this BBQ sauce range and using it as a platform for myself to incorporate the ingredients through our flavors, I bring provenance, authenticity and innovation to the forefront of my culinary developments.”

Dan Bell – European Culinary Chef Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA

Get to Know Our Chef's Favorite BBQ Sauce Varieties

Smoked Apple Butter BBQ

Flavor profiles: Apple Flavor, Type Smoke Flavor, Cinnamon Flavor Powder

Our Chef‘s recommendation: This highly concentrated form of apple sauce, produced by long, slow cooking of apples with cider, caramelizes to give that rich dark buttery and smoky profile.

Cola BBQ

Flavor profiles: Cola Flavor, Allspice Flavor Powder

Our Chef‘s recommendation: Cola’s sweetness and slight pimento-like taste component’s rounds off BBQ sauces, perfectly. A treat for BBQ sauces of all ages.

Pacific Rim BBQ

Flavor profiles: Pineapple Flavor, Papaya Flavor, Mango Flavor

Our Chef‘s recommendation: A tropical taste of pineapple, mango and ripe papaya, rounded off with the finish of smoke offers a fantastically fruity experience.

Barrel Aged BBQ

Flavor profiles: Oak Cast Smoke Flavor, Pineapple Flavor

Our Chef‘s recommendation: An Oak cast barrel smoke that brings with it hints of vanilla and caramel to the BBQ sauce makes this our signature profile and pairs with everything grilled.


Flavor profiles: Allspice Flavor Powder, Sauce, XO Type Flavor, Coriander Flavor Powder

Our Chef‘s recommendation: East and West merge in this combination of two classic sauces, with umami richness and savory soy adds to this authentic version on modern Asian BBQ.

Guajillo Loco

Flavor profiles: Pepper/Guajillo Flavor, Garlic Flavor

Our Chef‘s recommendation: Meeting our consumers demand for spice around the globe, the guajillo chili and the intense garlic profile makes this sauce just so loco.

Shawarma Grill

Flavor profiles: Smoke/fatty Flavor and Smoke, Grill Flavor

Our Chef‘s recommendation: Shawarma spice blends were created in the Middle East for rotisserie meats, when adding grill and smoke flavors to warming spices it showcases this region perfectly.

Mole BBQ

Flavor profiles: Cumin Flavor Powder, Pepper, Type Chipotle Morita Flavor, Dark Chocolate Flavor

Our Chef‘s recommendation: Mexico’s favorite dish, Chipotle Chili and Chocolate are a great combination for this warm spice and savory BBQ profile, inspired by a dish I ate in Mexico City, Mole Madre by Enrique Olvera, Pujol.

Carolina Red

Flavor profiles: Tabasco Flavor, Smoke/woody Flavor

Our Chef‘s recommendation: True pit master sauce and made not only for those spice fanatics. When dredged over some fatty pork shoulder this BBQ sauce of smoke, heat and tangy flavors brings everything to balance.