Fragrance Trends 2020 – 2021

Fragrance Trends 2020/21 by Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA

The inspiration for the fragrance trends 2020/21 is as familiar as it is mysterious: our fascinating planet. Based on three trend themes, the perfumers of Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA have created distinct olfactory interpretations for personal and household care products. “Ocean Vibes” symbolizes the origin of life on Earth. “Australian Inspiration” celebrates the island continent, which is a magical destination for many people. The “Planet Lover” trend brings it all full circle. It is dedicated to fragrances that help preserve this beauty.  


Ocean Vibes

Soft sand under your feet. White crests that call to you. An expanse to the horizon. The depth that is home to the unknown. No other landscape pulls at you quite like the sea because it fills us with joy and is still teeming with secrets! “Ocean Vibes” moves right between happiness and mystery. A drop originates in spheres where luminous deep-sea creatures light the way. From there the bubble rises to the surface, joins the other millions and becomes a rolling wave, that carries everything in its path right to the coast. There the wave breaks and all that’s left are shimmering shells it washed up on the beach. The fragrance compositions of the “Ocean Vibes” are just as varied as the oceans, ranging from delicate light notes and lively fresh ones to those of vibrating radiance.


Australian Inspiration

Ranked among popular travel destinations and most recently in the cosmetics industry as A-Beauty, Australia is in vogue. The rugged outback, unique diving and surf spots, lively cities and a relaxed, positive attitude – these are typical associations with Australia. The trend fragrances with the theme “Australian Inspiration” take up these images and feelings and invite you on an olfactory journey across the impressive continent. On the one hand, fresh eucalyptus, soft sandalwood and warm herbal notes with leathery animal tones evoke the red earth of the inland with its exotic animals and mystical places like Uluru. On the other hand, light, fruity and floral fragrances provide a tangy contrast. Just like the metropolis of Sydney, they combine the feeling of pulsating vitality with the beauty of flowering gardens and the light-hearted lifestyle on one of the breathtaking sandy beaches.


Planet Lover

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are not only important, but they are also far-reaching ideas. For years, many fragrances of Bell EMEA have complied with the high standards of renowned ecolabels. With the “Planet Lover” trend Bell now focuses on another aspect of sustainability and translates it into fragrances. And in this case, less is more. This means keeping the number of ingredients on a minimal scale while still developing an exciting and balanced creation. Of course, this increases the development effort and brings new, complex challenges for our perfumers. But it’s worth it. Eventually, this approach is not just a way to save resources when it comes to ingredients. It also reduces other factors that can harm the environment, e.g. packaging and the amount of transport needed. After all, we want our planet to remain a beautiful place for generations to come.


The creations of the Fragrance Trends 2020/21 are vegan and free from microplastics. Following the European regulation on cosmetic products, no animal tests have been carried out for their manufacture. All these attributes make them cutting-edge products that deliver an inspiring and environmentally friendly fragrance experience. To further expand the application fields of the trend fragrances, Bell’s perfumers are currently developing perfume oils that are suitable for certified natural cosmetics.


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