Tiny Particles, Great Effect

Eco-friendly encapsuled fragrances free from formaldehyde and micro plastics with Bell MikroBurst®

Consumers are increasingly demanding for high quality and sustainable goods in their daily life. Bell MikroBurst® represents an encapsulation technology that enables outstanding fragrance performance for eco-friendly household care products, while it also suits the strict restrictions of certified natural cosmetics.

Convince yourself about product quality and fragrance variety of Bell MikroBurst®


Encapsuled fragrances can significantly increase fragrance performance and thus create completely new olfactory experiences. The high perfume dosage and the ability of releasing it on a certain trigger, is especially interesting for applications like deodorant, creams and lotions as well as hair care products. But also liquid detergents and fabric softeners benefit from this added value. Many brands already make use of encapsulation technology and claim it on the packaging. But: most of them come along with micro plastics and/or formaldehyde.
Bell‘s patented encapsulation technology Bell MikroBurst® is free from micro plastics and formaldehyde. The product consists of homogeneous capsules without a frangible shell. As a result, the particles release their fragrance continuously when it is needed. In case of a deodorant, for instance through body temperature and sweat. Bell MikroBurst® can be adjusted according to the intended performance and application. Our experts will happily explain this in more detail.