So Fresh and so Clean – A New Smell of Purity

Bell EMEA Presents Unconventional Fragrance Compositions for Laundry Care

Laundry care experiences a wave of impulses on a technological level. But also olfactory-wise, consumers’ demand for more than just clean garments. The covid-19 pandemic has pushed the focus of laundry chores in making sure that clothes are also sanitised and disinfected. At the same time, convenient formats like pods gain a momentum. The continued interest in fragrances indicates that innovative products with unusual scents and innovative application possibilities are being positively received by consumers. For instance, seasonal and innovative fragrances from personal care, such as rhubarb, can pique consumer interest and encourage purchases. Bell’s new fragrances for laundry care cover sanitisers, liquid detergents and pods, promising a new olfactory experience beyond the well-tried.

Sanitising and Disinfection to Become Key

Similar to other spheres, laundry care is facing an unseen awareness for hygiene. Therefore, demand for laundry sanitisers and detergents that claim to sanitise and/or disinfect the garments is expected to rise in the coming years. Consumer education will never be so high in relation to home hygiene when the covid-19 pandemic abates. This will undoubtedly push improved hygiene cleaning practices well into the future. Consequently, consumers will be prioritising purchases of products with a “disinfectant” or “hygienic” component.

With a broad range of new laundry care fragrances, Bell combines consumers’ demand for a new cleanliness with the desire for innovative scents. Bell’s perfumers developed sophisticated fragrances that may push laundry sanitisers on a new olfactory level. Perfumistic compositions such as “Kiss of Art”, “Infinity” or “Midsummer Dream” invite on a fantastic journey combining familiar green and floral notes with newcomers like rhubarb.

Unconventional Fragrances to Attract Consumers

Besides disinfectants, concentrated liquid detergents and liquid tablet detergents (pods) are the most dynamic product categories within laundry care in Western Europe (Mintel). Both saw positive growth in the majority of markets in 2019/20. Especially, pods continued to gain momentum, recording strong retail volume and current value growth as more affluent consumers looked to this convenient format that reduces the mess, wastage and spillage factors of traditional formats.

At the same time, it is not only the functional aspects, where consumers’ expectations are on the rise. Brands also need to fulfill consumers’ desire for extraordinary and new fragrance experiences. Bell’s new laundry care fragrances stick out of the familiar, but still remain rooted in consumers’ general preferences. Fragrance’s names like “Wild Garden”, “Green Cottage” or “Amazing Forest” mirror the floral, green or woody character of the compositions, but also reflect the sense of the unconventional coming with these fragrances. Last but not least, compositions like “Romantic Moment” and “Lovely Miss” address those who are looking for more sensual floral or even sweet directions.

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