Breathe. Escape. Enjoy.

Bell EMEA presents Air Care Trends 2021/22.

The latest collection for candles and reed diffusers reflects the spirit of our time: The compositions underline the desire for inner harmony as well as the longing to escape and simply relax. In keeping with this ambivalence between quiet reflection and exuberant longing for the strange and surprising, Bell’s trends for the 2021/22 air care season come with the slogan “Breathe. Escape. Enjoy.”

In addition to current trend fragrances, manufacturers in the candle business can benefit from Bell’s many years of technical expertise. The company supplies the fragrances in both classic liquid perfume oil as well as in the specially developed, solid candle base Scenti Master Batch. Read more about this below.


The more turbulent and uncertain the times are, the more important the private sphere becomes. People focus on the essentials: family, home, community. Taking a deep breath, looking back, and exploring new paths characterizes contemporary life styles. A peaceful environment is a strong incentive and can help generate new strength. Natural materials like wood, untreated cotton and soft fabrics express this feeling as much as soft, neutral colors. Bell’s perfumers have created an olfactory interpretation of this feeling of well-being with extremely elegant fragrances. Lily of the valley and fig unfold in the fragrances “Midnight Lounge” for candles and “Fallen” for reed diffusers with an unusual lightness and freshness. No less noble are the candle fragrances “Deep Inside” and “Chillout Cloud” for reed diffusers: Supported by, among other things, jasmine and sandalwood, they communicate the imperfect beauty that the theme contains.



There is also a deep longing for something far away. Much like homesickness, wanderlust drives people to search for inner fulfilment. Escaping the daily grind, looking to mysterious, distant lands, and also the origins of one’s own homeland satisfies the strong desire for freedom and responds to the deep inner thirst for fulfilment. The warm fragrances that reflect this feeling are characterized by earthy and spicy notes. The candle scents “Lost in the Woods” and “Be the Change” dive into the richness of the world and with cinnamon and woody notes on the one hand and an aldehydic lavender composition with a minty top note on the other hand, both of these fragrances represent an intermingling of cultures and rituals. Bells perfumers have reimagined the theme for reed diffusers with creations called “New Beginning” and “Wanderlust”.



Ultimately everything is a question of personal preference. Realizing the limited nature and uniqueness of your own life as well as enjoying it to the fullest. Psychologists all agree: The most satisfied are all those who accept life and all its ups and downs and still manage to maintain their positive attitude. Moreover, fireworks of vibrant and bright colors, which are the essence of life, shine all the brighter in the dark. Featuring the fragrance of ripened peaches, red berries or even orange, prickly pear, and lychee, the scents “Peach Life” and “My little Cactus” show how lively and intense this hunger for life can smell in a candle. The reed fragrances “Tropisoul” and “Summer Fun”, with mango, jasmine, pineapple and grapefruit, capture the cheerful lightness of summer.


Scented candles are one of Bell’s core strengths. With Scenti Master Batch, the company offers a fragrance system that has been specially developed for the specific requirements associated with this application.

The intensity of scented candles in particular can be significantly improved with Scenti Master Batch. For example, the carrier material supports a dosage over 5 per cent. At the same time, the fragrance oil is bonded in a way that prevents the oil from separating, thus significantly increasing the longevity of the product. This means consumers can enjoy the benefits of a candle that releases its scent only after it has been lit. Last but not least, scented candles manufactured with Scenti Master Batch stand out due to their extremely efficient and even burning.

Scenti Master Batch is available either as a block or as pastilles. The latter is particularly easy to process as a bulk material and due to its lower melting point and, as a non-flammable material, can be stored very easily. Learn More Here