Spark Trends for 2020 unveiled

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is excited to begin the sixth year of its Spark trends program and has unveiled key trends that will lead the way to new innovations within the flavor and fragrance industry, while also looking at the past five year’s trends. Spark is Bell’s insider resource for new and emerging consumer trends as well as flavor and fragrance inspirations. The Spark trends platform at Bell is the origin of imagination. It’s the source of what’s possible. It’s the essence of creativity and the future of what’s to come in the flavor and fragrance industry.  It’s a guide to what’s next and what will be seen by the everyday consumer.

Looking back at the past five years of Bell’s Spark trends platform, the path traveled tells a lot about where they’ve come from and where they are heading on this trend-driven journey. Bell stays ahead of this rapidly changing tech-savvy world by understanding their consumer at the deepest level possible by analyzing market data. This year, Bell’s five Spark trends fall under a theme of concepts that once were not easily within reach, but with the fast and ever-changing marketplace, a new level of access has made them obtainable to the everyday consumer. Moving into 2020, Bell has taken the time to review the past five years of Spark and see how their trend predictions have performed and evolved.

The flavor trends within this years’ Spark program include seeking out the rarest and most authentic ingredients of the world. Consumers are becoming more mindful, not only paying attention to what they eat, but how and why they do it. The crossroads of cooking methodologies and ingredients are visited through the indigenous flavors of South East Asia as well the appreciation for the environment that helps grow the florae that is gathered for consumption in foraging. Cannabis, once illegal, is now permeating all areas of society, from medical to culinary.

This years’ fragrance Spark trends will look to new luxury, taking inspiration from fashion, art and music as well as holistic beauty routines from the inside-out and being mindful of the environmental impact. In today’s society, anything goes, from the hyper-masculine to hyper-feminine, encompassing and experimenting with everything in between in a non-judgmental manner while multi-sensorial engagement and technology help delve deeper into the different dimensions of fragrance. Ingredients and concepts that were once considered vices or even forbidden, are being used to bring complexity and beauty to fragrance.

Bell is looking forward to a new decade, with a new set of innovational Spark trends.