Bell Flavors & Fragrances’ Technology and Innovation Center Advances Strategic Developments in Clean Label Flavors

 Bell’s Expanded Flavor Production Capabilities & Expertise at Northbrook, IL Headquarter Continues to Ground Company as Flavor Industry Leader

NORTHBROOK, Illinois – February 20, 2023 – Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (Bell) unveils their Bell Technology and Innovation Center (BTIC), a state-of-the-art facility at the intersection of innovation, engineering, technology, research product development, and applied sciences. This innovation incubator and collaborative workspace unites diverse expertise under one roof. Located at Bell’s Northbrook headquarter, the Center connects creative minds among Flavor Developers, Technology, Culinary Applications, Regulatory and Manufacturing, to foster new flavor development and expand Bell’s key capabilities in the industry.

“Bell’s Technology and Innovation Center is a landmark facility for keeping Bell cutting edge, on the cusp of innovation and continuing to provide excellent customer service for our clients. BTIC fosters a seamless flavor R&D pipeline, from ideation to manufacturing, and allows Bell to deliver clean label flavors with speed and precision,” said Joan Harvey, Senior Vice President & Commercial General Manager, Flavors.

BTIC has expanded Bell’s ability to rapidly produce customized flavors that can be incorporated into a wide variety of award-winning food and beverage products with a streamlined ingredients panel, ranging from savory to sweet, alcoholic beverages to mocktails, and everything in between. Today’s consumer is advocating for clean labels with fewer ingredients, with 56% of consumers equating long ingredient lists with unhealthy products and 61% of consumers agreeing that ultra-processed foods are not favorable for one’s health (Mintel, 2022).

Given continued rising interest in clean label claims, Bell has introduced a new line of USDA Kettle Cooked Meat Flavors. These Flavors, including Chicken, Beef and Turkey, enhance a product’s natural broth flavor profile while maintaining a cleaner label, meeting both consumer expectations and manufacturer needs. Bell’s robust team of Regulatory experts commands comprehensive understanding of the flavors regulatory environment, including USDA labeling, policies and inspection requirements, and serves as final gatekeepers for delivering high-quality flavors.

Bell also offers a line of flavors that is certified USDA Organic. And, their proprietary BellTech flavor technologies, such as sweetness modulation, masking and mouthfeel improvements, allows consumer packaged goods companies to perfect their product portfolios. These novel, custom ingredient solutions offer targeted sensory advantages that are valuable to both manufacturers and consumers alike.

Bell prides itself on superior service – both in product development and with customers – as well as delivering quick turnaround times, flexibility in offerings, small batch flavor production and the ability to customize flavors to meet a range of application and regulatory needs.

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