Bell Flavors & Fragrances Launches Alternative Protein & Vegan Flavor Portfolios

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Launches Alternative Protein & Vegan Flavor Portfolios 

Answering the needs of the evolving plant-based food and beverage market, Bell Flavors & Fragrances has launched a portfolio of taste technologies and flavors to help manufacturers overcome challenges in product development and improve the overall taste profile of plant-based alternatives.  With its product range, Bell aims to provide clean label taste solutions for meat and fish alternatives as well as dairy alternatives and plant-based high protein products.

Alternative Protein Overview

Throughout the world, there is a growing consumer interest in alternative proteins. Purchasing behaviors are shifting to alternative sources, partly due to health and environmental concerns as well as animal welfare. Whatever the reason may be, the market for these proteins is at an all-time high. According to McKinsey, the alternative protein market is a $2.2 billion industry worldwide, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2019-2025 to reach $17.9 billion.

Alternative Protein Consumer

Consumers are demanding alternative options in replacement of meat, dairy and sweet goods. In fact, one in five consumers are limiting their meat intake, and 15% saying that they now follow a plant-based diet.



Understanding Needs and Plant Protein Sources

Bell’s alternative protein platform offers a wide range of vegan & vegetarian base and top note flavors as well as a collection of taste technologies to achieve the flavor profile and texture customers are demanding.

Bell’s deep understanding of functionality across many alternative protein applications helps to solve the taste and flavor challenges in current product formulations. These challenges identified by both consumers and customers include masking the off-notes of plant-based proteins, achieving desirable mouthfeel and delivering the perfect flavor experience.

With that in mind, Bell’s team of Chefs, Foods Scientists, Sensory Specialists and Flavorists work to find the perfect flavor & technology solution for any application. The company takes a creative approach to developing authentic profiles to achieve decadent, creamy/dairy notes, meaty beef/chicken flavors or bold seafood flavors.

In addition, Bell’s team of flavorists and sensory experts identified the potential off-tastes of various protein sources, including soy, wheat, pea, rice, oat, almond and coconut and its organoleptic effects on taste and other characteristics, including texture and mouthfeel. Based on the application needs, the team developed a range of functional masking solutions that help to mitigate specific off-notes and create a more appealing sensory profile. Bell further developed specific flavors to help achieve the more rounded taste characteristics, such as full-bodied umami or rich kokumi that many alternative protein products lack.

This cross-functional approach is applied to projects as Bell works hand in hand throughout the product development process, listening to customer needs, identifying consumer taste expectations and understanding the regulatory concerns while developing customized solutions that satisfy the technological challenges customers face.

To support this growing global opportunity, Bell’s regional organizations also offer a full range of alternative protein and vegan flavor varieties for the European market, as well as Canada and Latin America, being compliant to regulatory restrictions and consumer taste expectations within the respective markets.


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