Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. Awarded Silver Medal In Recognition Of Sustainability Achievement

Bell Flavors & Fragrances proudly announces the completion of its annual EcoVadis audit and commits  sustainability alignment with the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter.

Partnering with EcoVadis 

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. was recently awarded a silver medal in recognition of sustainability achievements by EcoVadis after completion of its audit at Bell’s global headquarters inNorthbrook, Illinois.

EcoVadis provides holistic sustainability rating that covers a range of systems including environmental, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. To date, EcoVadis has rated over 75,000 partners worldwide including some of the world’s largest organizations while positively impacting the environment and fostering transparency.

The mission at Bell is to be passionate, hard-working, creative, and to invest in people and processes. The company aligns its wholehearted commitment to make a difference for the planet with customer needs. Diego Darquea C., Bell’s Sr. Director of Product Safety and Compliance, works on a global scale to drive the company’s sustainability programs.

Diego states “Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. is proud to support and align with the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter, which is built around five focus areas: Responsible Sourcing, Environmental Footprint, Employee Well-Being, Product Safety, and Transparency. Our commitment is to make a difference for the planet, for people, and for our business by achieving the highest standards in the industry.”

Sustainability Through the Supply Chain

Bell is proud to partner with suppliers and focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing in order to provide solutions for customers and consumers that demand transparency. Bell is committed to make a difference for the planet and its customers, and the passion for the environment drives the company to protect its ecosystem use and supply chain health and safety.

About Bell Flavors & Fragrances:

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. is a leader in the flavor and fragrance industry. With eight manufacturing plants across the globe and over 40 sales offices around the world, Bell has the ability to create the flavor, fragrance, or botanical for any application. 

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