Bell Flavors & Fragrances Employee Elected Into The Society of Flavor Chemists and promoted to Savory Flavorist

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is pleased to announce Andrew Petrou’s election into the Society of Flavor Chemists in March 2021, as well as a promotion to Savory Flavorist.

 The Society of Flavor Chemists  
The Society of Flavor Chemists is an industry organization with the purpose of advancing the field of flavor creation, technology and related sciences. The Society provides a forum to foster and encourage the art and science of flavor creation, promote professional growth and encourage assistance and common interests among members with a high standard of professional conduct.

Andrew Petrou named Apprentice for the Society of Flavor Chemists
In Andrew’s new role at the Society of Flavor Chemists, he will have the opportunity to join committees, network with fellow members and represent Bell in the society. In 2023, Andrew will become a fully certified member and have the option to hold committee chair roles and progress to the Society of Flavor Chemists Board.

Andrew states, “Passing my exam and being welcomed into the Society of Flavor Chemists has been a motivational stepping stone. Being selected as an apprentice member has validated all of my hard work, training and experience, and encourages me to innovate and create new products in the savory atmosphere. My foundation has been established, and now I’m here to grow even more and push the boundaries of savory science wherever I can.”

Andrew’s New Role as Savory Flavorist
Andrew Petrou was also promoted to Savory Flavorist in earlier this year. In his new role, Andrew will be experimenting with natural and synthetic materials to develop new flavors, support customer flavor development and perform quality control testing on newly developed flavors. Andrew will be a lead liaison between the Quality Control and Regulatory departments. He’ll also be reviewing materials and flavors for compliance with regulatory law in countries where Bell conducts business.


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