Vision & Value

For over 100 years, rooted in tradition, hard work and resiliency

The mission of our global company is to be passionate, hard-working, creative, and to invest in our people and processes. We believe in our own capabilities and resilience.

Bell is a family-owned company for which quality, reliability, and creativity are our highest priority. In order to continue this successful path into the future, we have a common foundation of values that we embody on a daily basis.

Our “Vision, Mission & Values” provide guidance for each individual within our company. Working together, we have a passion for what we do and a sustainable approach to our craft. We feel bound by this approach and whenever necessary, remind each other of it.

Our Vision

We enjoy being part of people’s lives by supplying great flavors and sensational fragrances to manufacturers of the food-and-beverage industries as well as personal care, fine fragrance and household care manufacturers.

As a supplier of flavors, fragrances, botanical extracts and ingredient specialties, we strive to be the preferred partner for our customers.

Our Values

Our values are the center of all company activities. They reflect our engagement, our attitude as well as our team spirit. Learn more below…


As a company, we attach particular importance to the development of innovative and creative solutions. This applies not only to Research & Development, as the heart of our company, but equally to our other departments such as Marketing, Sales, Regulatory Affairs, and Production.

We are open to new ideas and fresh momentum and allow these to flow into our concepts, technologies, products and processes. This enables us to identify new trends more rapidly and recognize–and solve –problems at an early stage. Every day, we endeavor to optimize what already exists and promote progress.

We leverage our creativity and innovative strength to develop successful flavorings for foods and beverages and produce outstanding fragrances for personal and home care uses.

Team Work

We work closely together in order to achieve our strategic and operational objectives. Interdisciplinary thinking and coordination of our priorities assist us in implementing projects in a cooperative and efficient manner, based on a spirit of partnership.

We facilitate successful collaboration and good teamwork –on-site with our colleagues, partners, and customers worldwide –through an active feedback culture and a high degree of mutual respect, on both a cross-functional and cross-hierarchical level. Our objective is to develop a “feeling of togetherness” and grow closer together as an organization.

Our top priorities are developing and supporting our employees and their talents as well as continuously improving the working environment.

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Trust is our greatest asset. It must be continuously established and maintained. We aim to build trust with our employees, managers, partners, and customers worldwide. This represents our investment in the future.

We consider independent and responsible conduct to be part of our daily routine. Our employees and departments accept responsibility and delegate it down the line–both internally and externally. Mutual loyalty is standard practice for us. We maintain a policy of making comprehensive information available to our employees and business partners. Our competence in establishing guidelines and our capacity for resolving conflicts strengthens our qualitative and quantitative standards and allow reliable planning.

The confidential handling of data and contractual agreements is equally as important to us as is compliance with agreements with suppliers and business partners. We also attach great significance to fair contractual relationships.


Customers and partners alike can rely on us because we keep our promises. Responsibility, reliability, skill and expertise are our hallmarks in our dealings with our customers, employees and partners. Quality is paramount –and we endeavor continuously to meet the quality requirements of our customers in an efficient way so that we can build long-term success and strengthen our reputation as a reliable partner.

We guarantee the safety of our products by fulfilling internal, external and regulatory requirements, performing regular controls and audits as well as risk assessments and profitability checks.

We set the highest standards when it comes to raw materials, processing and finished goods, and we competently manage complex changes and challenging projects –ensuring peace of mind for our business partners through security of supply, reliability and timeliness with all our services.


Not only do we identify ourselves with our various teams, our jobs, our products, and our daily creative work, but also and above all with our customers. We enjoy our work and are driven by our passion to achieve excellence.

We love what we do and endeavor to be a leading player of the industry –our pioneering, innovative spirit and imagination are the driving forces behind our company.

We keep abreast of market developments and follow changes closely with eyes and ears to be able to spot and leverage opportunities early. We relish change and strive for continuous improvement.


We actively promote environmental awareness and conservation, and sustainable and responsible management of natural resources is therefore vital for us. Which is why we strive continuously to improve our energy solutions, to increase our efficiency and to generate structured and sustainable growth based on long-term objectives.

We fully understand our corporate social responsibility and are committed to high social standards by creating long-term prospects for our employees through a number of professional development and skill advancement options.

Compliance with statutory regulations, standards and agreements is of utmost importance to us. This is something we expect from both our company and our contractors and suppliers. By developing and introducing forward-looking solutions, we contribute to protecting our employees, end customers and the environment.


Our daily business is based on important fundamental values as guiding rules of our corporate philosophy. We adhere to current standards and values to ensure that ethical principles and integrity govern all processes within the company and its relations with others.

In our company, we base our conduct and relations on tolerance, equality and an open mind, crucial requirements for respectful and fair interaction with each other.

Helping our employees further to their development is an integral part of our way of working, which is reflected by the duty of care of our senior managers and continuous efforts to improve the working environment.

We are committed to fair competition because we want to both create and preserve value.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

We strive to provide the highest quality products to our customers, who use these products to make consumer-ready products in a broad range of industries. For this reason, we are committed to excellence and superior service to ensure we retain our customers well into the future. It is the mission of the company and each of our employees to:

  • Provide our customers with only the highest quality products and services.
  • Provide our customers with the best pricing and value for our products and services.
  • Provide our products and services in a time frame that is acceptable to our customers.
  • Create products that meet the needs of our customers for any particular marketplace.
  • Implement a system of continuous improvements in order to achieve our quality objectives and goals.

Provide a system of employee involvement, motivation, training, and cooperation, which guarantee that all quality objectives are met.

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