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Good taste is our passion. As a reliable partner, we have a high degree of flexibility, a passion for excellent taste, a sense of trends and knowledge of complex, solution-oriented developments to ensure that your product is successfully, sustainably and quickly established on the market.
Scent up your life®
A global solutions provider of fragrances to leading companies across all consumer product categories. We understand the importance of creating a memorable and unique fragrance. Let us show you how our perfumers and application technologists build bridges between art and science.
Feel nature's variety®
Our Belltanicals® brand of botanical extracts offer food grade botanical extracts for health-savvy consumers, and personal care botanical extracts for hair, skin and cosmetic products.
Explore the basics®
Enrich your products with essential oils, aroma and natural citrus derivatives. Short communication channels, direct contact and high reliability are our top priorities.
Each year, the Bell team provides insight into trends for flavors and fragrances so brands across the globe can have a pulse on what consumers are reacting to. This platform has detailed research from around the world through the lens of a consumer and is accompanied by real time statistics and gathered in cooperation with our verified R&D partners.
Exposure to product innovation leads us down creative paths, discovering consumer & industry trends. Some think of it as a unique way of identifying trends, we think of it as seeing things through our customers’ eyes.
Kelli Heinz, VP Marketing


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Bell’s team of Flavorists, Application Specialists and Perfumery design experts have created proprietary technologies for our flavor and fragrance applications.

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