Bell Showcases Nineties-Inspired Tasting Menu at 2023 IFT FIRST Annual Event & Expo

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Showcases Nineties-Inspired Tasting Menu at the 2023 IFT FIRST Annual Event & Expo


Global Flavors and Fragrances Company Leans Into ‘Newstalgic’ Flavors at Upcoming Show in Chicago, IL from July 16-19 at Booth #S1624 Inside McCormick Place

BẮC BẮC, Illinois – June 19, 2023

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (Bell) will be heading to the 2023 Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) FIRST Annual Event & Expo held in person from July 16-19 inside McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

IFT FIRST is the largest business-to-business food innovation expo, bringing together professionals from across the globe with the collective vision of improving food through research, science and technology. Over the course of four days, exhibitors will showcase new innovations, global trends and the latest cutting-edge research and technology, complemented by strategic networking and business prospecting opportunities.

This year, Bell’s booth (find us at #S1624) showcases food and beverage concepts tied into their global Spark – Ignites Creativity, Inspires Senses® program. Bell’s Spark Trends platform tracks five key consumer Macro Trends impacting consumers today and in the future. These Macro Trends, collectively identified by Bell’s global marketing teams, represent the core behavioral values shared by all humans.

At IFT FIRST 2023, Bell leans into ‘Newstalgia,’ a Micro Trend within the broader 360° Rewards Macro Trend, featuring a menu and booth design inspired by a decade marked by grunge music, blockbuster movies, experimental flavors and Michael Jordan superfans: the 1990s. Newstalgia is the twist that everyone loves, blending the familiar with the excitement of something new, drawing inspiration from pop culture and refurbishing retro phenomena from different decades.

“We are excited to revisit the ‘90s this year at IFT through Bell’s ‘Newstalgia’ Micro Trend. Our product showings interweave old trends that are still relevant with a modern touch, drawing inspiration from pop culture and refurbishing retro phenomena from our favorite ‘90s staples. Reinventing the ‘90s has been one of the most exciting trends Bell has put forth and we are thrilled to have everyone go back in time for a totally rad experience.” – Kelli Heinz, Vice President of Marketing and Industry Affairs 


“This year, our culinary team has created a fun and flavorful trip back to the 1990’s, including adventurous formats that are guaranteed to transport you to the birth of crazy flavors and bizarre eating experiences. Consumers continue to seek the comforting moment of their youth, but with a real-world twist. We are seeing this ‘Newstalgic’ approach increasingly come to life as Gen Xer’s look to relive their youth and crave their childhood favorites with a Gen Z twist. Bell is bringing to life wild formats like edible slime and unique flavors like a Cubano inspired bagel bite. All are guaranteed to get your inner child smiling.” – David Banks, Giám đốc tiếp thị cấp cao

Take a sneak peek at a few items from Bell’s flavor-packed menu that will transport consumer tastebuds to their ‘90s favorites:

Get Inspired by Bell Flavors & Fragrances at Booth #S1624 at McCormick Place, Chicago, from July 16-19, 2023


 Bell’s presence at the 2023 IFT FIRST Annual Event & Expo will push brand awareness and powerful networking opportunities to new heights while offering Newstalgic flavor inspiration and state-of-the-art taste technology solutions to buyers and R&D teams. These resources help elevate product portfolios and connect consumers with a taste of the past, well-earned escapes and comforting memories.

Visit Bell’s booth (#S1624) for more Newstalgic favorites – including ‘90s trivia, a photo station with the chance to win ‘90s swag and more – that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Giới thiệu về Hương & Nước hoa Bell:

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About the Institute of Food Technologists:

“Since 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has been a forum for passionate science of food professionals and technologists to collaborate, learn, and contribute all with the goal of inspiring and transforming collective scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of all people around the world. IFT envisions a world where science and innovation are universally accepted as essential to safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for everyone. As a scientific community grounded in purpose, which includes scientists, technologists, manufacturers, policy makers, marketers, and more, IFT feeds the minds that feed the world.”