Naturals & Botanicals

Our palette of natural ingredients is our crown jewels. Bell’s success with Naturals comes from years of expanding our selection of exceptional natural ingredients, giving our perfumers the best raw materials with which to create. Our Naturals are the creative building blocks that they use to design vibrant, sophisticated and pleasing blends that surprise and elate the senses. Bell has over 50 years of expertise in natural creation, combined with an unwavering commitment to creating safe and sustainable products.

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Bell has taken natural creations with fragrance and botanical blends to a whole new level.

These fragrances are not only beautiful creations, but they also serve a unique function: malodor control, long-lasting deposition, insect repellency, antibacterial qualities, and even oil-based, preservative-free botanicals. They feature:

  •       Natural Long-lasting deposition on skin, hair, cloth
  •       Natural Malodor Control
  •       Natural Essential Oil Blends
    • Essential Infusions: We infuse oil-based botanicals with natural essential oils to create preservative-free fragrant botanicals
    • Well-being
    • Insect Repellency

Every drop Matters! The success of Bell’s Perfumery team is the result of them mastering the natural palette. When working with the palette, perfumers have to rethink their creative approach. Each material matters on various levels.  Perfumers have to consider the olfactive impact on the blend. Is the ingredient truly important enough to take up a line item? This is a critical consideration as often the number of ingredients allowed are restricted.

Working with a concentrated formula has sustainability advantages. Low to no solvent formulas help to lower shipping costs, reduce carbon footprint and packaging.


Handcrafted botanical blends are uniquely designed to meet the product and customer needs, and support the brand story. With over 10,000 unique botanical extracts available, Belltanicals® offer custom blends to suit the needs of any application. Our Belltanicals® portfolio includes Marine, Floral, Fruits, Tea, Seeds, Vitamins, Asian Herbs, Gourmand, Classic, and Unique Botanicals. What we can offer you:

  • Certified genus and species
  • Customized client formulations: by closely following market and consumer trends, Bell constantly adds new botanicals to its collection. Bell stays ahead of the curve with botanical extracts that enhance product performance, add consumer appeal and often become part of your brand’s identity.

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