Quality Control & Purchasing

Safety and standards are non-negotiable when it comes to our quality control and purchasing department. We pride ourselves on our rigor and adhering to the strictest regulations. Because Bell believes in always going the extra mile, we also incorporate service and customization in our quality control and purchasing groups, as in all other areas of our company.


Our goal is to deliver the highest quality fragrance to you with every delivery, underpinned by an emphasis on prevention to ensure safety.

As our customer, you are our close partner. We routinely publish written specs for the products we supply for your products. We welcome quality control testing on your end, and appreciate having reciprocal agreements verifying the safety and validity of our products.



We employ ethical sourcing, verifying that the raw materials in our fragrances are processed to meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Our SQF certification works hand-in-hand with ethical sourcing, ensuring that our products satisfy rigorous safety and credible standards. Your customers deserve the very best, and we work hard to guarantee that we will satisfy the most stringent requirements.

We work in tandem with R&D and Quality Control to test all new suppliers’ raw materials and vet them through our rigorous process. We evaluate the past performance of all our suppliers to continually assess if they have met our strict standards. This is our way of ensuring the highest quality on all inbound materials.

We rank our suppliers each year according to several criteria, not just price. We believe quality begins with inbound raw materials, the foundation of our creations.



Custom. We can customize quality testing to meet your standards, and our protocols are designed to accommodate these requests provided they are within established parameters.

Responsiveness. Whether satisfying our clients or an internal customer, our quality control and purchasing groups have a razor-sharp focus to deliver upon expectation. With a customer-centric approach that is integral to all Bell employees, and a keen sense for anticipating customer needs, our clients are confident that their product documentation is in good hands with our team. We are also available as a general resource for any concerns and welcome one-on-one calls.