Quality Control & Purchasing

Safety. Standards. Two criteria one expects from quality control and purchasing departments. But how about service and customization? Those descriptors aren’t typically applied to departments known for standards and rigor, but at Bell, service and customization make their way into every area of the company.

Quality Control

When we think about quality, it’s three things: Quality Systems, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control.

With an emphasis on prevention to ensure safety, our goal is to deliver the exact, highest-quality flavor profile to you with every delivery.

As our customer, you are our partner. We routinely publish written specs for the products we supply for your products. We welcome QC testing on your end and appreciate having reciprocal agreements verifying the safety and validity of our products.


We employ ethical sourcing, verifying that the raw materials going into our flavors are processed to meet high standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Our SQF certification works hand in hand with ethical sourcing, ensuring that our products satisfy rigorous safety and credible standards. Your customers deserve the very best and we work hard to guarantee that is what you will get.

We work in tandem with R&D and QC to test all new suppliers raw materials and vet them through our rigorous process. We evaluate all our suppliers past performance to continually assess if they have met our strict standards. It’s our way of ensuring the highest quality on all inbound materials.

We rank our suppliers each year according to several criteria, not just price. We believe quality happens on the inbound raw material and it’s where the foundation is set.

The Bell Difference


We can customize quality testing to meet the standards you are looking for and our protocols are designed to accommodate those requests as long as they are within established parameters.


Whether satisfying you or an internal customer, our QC and Purchasing groups only knows one direction to go, and that’s towards “YES.” With a customer focus integral to Bell employees and a keen sense for anticipating customer needs, you can feel confident that your product documentation is in good hands with our team and we are available as a general resource for you if you have other concerns. One on one calls with customers are always welcome.

The Bell Way

Every day, manufacturing, purchasing, and customer service meets in person to review orders. This management system is practiced in our Illinois, New York, Canada and Mexico locations and it keeps your project moving in the right direction, the lines of communication open and everyone on the same page.