Clouding Module

Clouding Module for creating cloudy beers and beer mixers.

The beer category is constantly evolving. It is driven by premiumization, the ongoing health & wellness trend as well as an increasing market demand for low and non-alcoholic beers, which is creating a strong need for functional product developments. Bell’s Clouding Module therefore answers consumers demand for more cloudy, natural and visually appealing beers and beer mixers.


Consumer insights and market dynamics

Consumers are willing to pay more for “better-for-you” products that are characterized by high quality natural ingredients and sustainable production – indicating that consumers are increasingly seeking quality over quantity. The continuing growth in premium beers and natural-appealing beer mixers evidences the move towards a thoughtful consumption and a stronger focus on premiumization.


Functionality meets naturalness

Discover Bell’s Clouding Module – a technical solution for creating authentic beers and beer mixers.

  • Creation of more cloudy, raw- & natural-looking and visually appealing flavored beers and beer mixers
  • Consumers will associate the cloudiness in beers and beer mixers with the attributes sophisticated, naturalness & simplicity
  • Addressing the megatrends premiumization and health & wellness
  • No off-tastes (e.g. citrus notes)
  • Meeting current market demands for clean labelling and more natural ingredients
  • Due to estergum elimination the declaration as natural flavoring is possible
  • Declaration: natural flavoring, stabilizer: Gum Arabic

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