Bell Flavors & Fragrances Releases 2016 Spark™ Trends

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is excited to announce selections for our 2016 Spark trends for flavors and fragrances. Spark is your resource for consumer, flavor and fragrance trends and inspirations. Using our unique process, we uncovered new “sparks” for 2016 that we hope to provide our customers with inspiration that translate into winning concepts for their products.

Flavor Spark Cover 2016This year’s flavor discoveries are all about authenticity and seasonality balanced by the big global flavors that consumers crave. Bell has identified 5 up-and-coming Spark Flavor Trends:

–       The Well-Traveled Kitchen: India The contradicting and intoxicating flavors of India tease with their allure of spice, warmth, cool and freshness. The Well-Traveled Kitchen: India features Indian snacks and flavors inspiring fresh applications and adaptations for American consumers’ cultured palates.

–       The Well-Traveled Kitchen: Cuba As the relationship between Cuba and the US improves; there is more opportunity for US citizens to visit. But before you go packing your bags, take a look at all the new flavors you’ll experience in the blistering streets of Havana and more.

–       Seasonally Inspired:No need for a farmer’s almanac. This seasonal eating guide shows the way to fresh produce especially when it comes to layering calendar ripe flavors on to new applications.

–       Global Street Food:Digging deeper into global tastes, this trend offers insights into the world’s flavors lining city streets featuring the likes of Morocco, Germany, Quebec, Vietnam and Mexico.

–       Americana:  Homage to the red, white and the new, celebrating flavors that scream nostalgic and regional. Recalling the recipes of hometowns and dinner tables, these classic builds are rejuvenated with modern twists to please generations to come.

Fragrance Spark Cover 2016This year’s fragrance discoveries are all about global influences and beauty secrets balanced by men, nature and wellness that glow from within. Plus, we spend some time on botanicals and their fresh role in beauty.

–       Global Beauty:Rituals from around the world are calling on natural modalities with big beauty benefits. These are the breakthroughs that are destined to be classics and help bring out a consumer’s one of a kind beautiful.

–       Urban Adventurer: The new epicenter of personal care, South Korea, is a hotbed of innovation that extends far beyond beauty balm (BB) creams. Exploring the beauty practices of Korean consumers and their impact on markets across the globe is the inspiration.

–       Wellness Redefined: The new mantra for beauty and all around health. Calling on all that nature has to offer along with unique treatments and fragrances that are good for the body and speak to the soul.

–       Manpering: Step aside ladies, the men are moving in on your turf and they are looking good. From moisturizers to softeners and even balms, men are breaking down the barriers to beauty.

–       Indie Shoppe:Independent, cool and completely personal, Indie represents small businesses with lots of originality. Indie is flowery, musky with herby influences and a youthful vigor signaling endless possibilities.

“We are thrilled to launch our next round of Spark trends to ignite your creativity and inspire your senses for product development. Bell’s trend program has evolved over the years to become a dynamic program that analyzes different data points and generates trend insight for flavor and fragrance predictions and concepts. We are excited to ‘spark’ your interests!”, exclaimed Kelli Heinz, Bell Director of Marketing & Industry Affairs.