Bell Flavors & Fragrances Announces Exotic Protein Flavor Varieties

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is excited to announce its line of exotic protein flavors for use in many pet food applications within the United States. An exotic protein comes from animals that aren’t commonly consumed by society as a whole and the animal is not native to the specific region or continent. Bell’s line of exotic protein flavors can be a novelty to pets like natural Alligator or Boar flavors, as well as other exotic flavors pets may have tried before such as natural Lamb, Pheasant, Venison, and more.

For many pets and pet owners, exotic protein flavors are becoming more novelty as a variety of new options and flavors are being introduced. Bell knows that consumers keep seeking out exciting exotic protein flavors for their pets, which is a good indicator that this market will continue to grow. As the consumer demand for exotic flavors keeps growing, pet food manufacturers are looking to make even more new and innovative products with unique flavor profiles.

Many consumers are also falling into the trend of buying foods for their pets that humanize them. Pet owners are spotting a variety of unique flavors in gourmet restaurants and other culinary-focused locations, such as farm-to-table concepts. Pet owners are now looking for these flavors in pet food versions and are willing to spend more money on better quality foods and exotic flavor variations. Bell’s new exotic protein flavors range from gamey to rich to fatty flavor profiles and are all Natural WONF’s which helps brands call out specific meat and seafood varietals on labels.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is a family-run business, growing on an ever-expanding global scale, and prides itself on adopting and implementing modern tactics and technologies, which provide superior quality and excellent customer service. This remains to be the heart and soul of the company, and is the “Bell Way” of doing business. With over 100 years of industry experience, Bell’s social science and research analysis are always a part of the recipe used to determine what is defining modern food and beverage culture. Bell’s detail-oriented regulatory and botanical team is constantly working to ensure flavors, botanicals, and raw materials comply with current regulatory restrictions and guidelines. Bell’s deep passion is to create products that captivate the world’s taste buds and stimulate the senses. This passion was instilled by Bell’s founder William M. Bell, and continues today.